Sebastien Socchard

Sébastien Socchard was born on 8 January 1969 is a French internet and real estate entrepreneur.

After obtaining an engineering degree in networks and telecommunications, Sébastien Socchard began his career as a young entrepreneur. He completed his education the 8th of October 1992 and creates his own consulting company named Security Concept and Technology also known as SCT the 9th of October 1992. SCT was an IT consulting company specialized in computer security. During that time, SCT was also selling datas like GNU C++ (Compiler Collection) coming from the Internet to big French companies, because at this moment, Internet was not yet available.

His biggest success was the creation of the first French Internet service provider: WorldNET. The company experienced rapid growth thanks to an innovative distribution model based on partnerships. WorldNet was sold to Kaptech in 2000, WorldNET was the last independent operator and the only profitable one.

Since then Sébastien Socchard has been working as a private investor. In collaboration with his longstanding WorldNET partner Xavier Niel he has invested in real estate and created Zen Group in 2010.

In compliance with the new French legislation for M&A, Sébastien is also registered as a C.I.F. (Financial Investment Advisor) and achieved Autorité des marchés financiers (France) (Financial Market Authority) certification in June 2012.